Alcoholism and Its Adverse Effects on Health

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Alcoholism is the state in which a person is unable to control his desire for drinking. For alcoholics, there is nothing above alcohol. Alcoholism is the cause behind many problems in families. Alcohol addiction leads to many issues for the ones who drink it as well as the ones close to the person.

  • Problems related to money
  • No realization of duties
  • Irresponsible behavior
  • Violence
  • Breaking of good relationships

Adverse effects of alcohol on health:

Alcohol affects an individual’s health very badly. Brain, heart, liver, pancreas, etc. all the major organs are affected due to alcohol abuse.

  • Effect on Brain:

Alcohol interrupts the functioning of the brain.

    • Brain shrinkage
    • Changes in behavior
    • Affects memory
    • The problem in speaking properly

  • Effect on Heart:

Heavy drinking affects heart severely, and chances of having chronic diseases may increase. Some problems that may occur are:

    • Increase in blood pressure
    • Variation in a heartbeat
    • The heart muscle may stretch and droop
    • Stroke

  • Effects on Liver:

Alcohol abuse is one of the main reasons behind liver damage. Problems that may occur due to alcohol abuse are:

    • Alcoholic hepatitis
    • Fibrosis
    • Cirrhosis

  • Effect on Pancreas:

Pancreas helps in the digestion process, excessive drinking damages the liver and problems that occur are:

    • Pancreatitis
    • Inflammation of blood vessels

Some other problems that may arise are:

  • The immune system becomes weak.
  • Coordination problem and thus, disbalance while walking.
  • Problem with Fertility occurs.
  • Easily gets fatigued.
  • Ulcers, gas and some other issues may occur in the stomach.
  • Child’s health is affected if a woman drinks during pregnancy.
  • Muscles weaken.
  • Damages intestine and causes stomach pain as well.
  • Chances of having osteoporosis increases.

Alcoholism is a growing issue; millions of people die due to excessive alcohol intake. Issues in families may arise even because of one person who has a drinking problem. Families break because of alcoholics. It is not an easy task to quit one’s drinking habit easily, but many rehabilitation centers are working for the betterment of such individuals and their families, one may search for information of rehabs online as well, for example, provide information on the services provided in various centers.