A Simple but Effective Guide for Teachers to Online Tutoring

In contrary to what most people believe in, online tutoring is not an easy job. Just like any other job, this job also requires a lot of efforts and hard work so that they can deliver their content to the students in the best possible way.

Here is a guide to help you earn money tutoring students online:  

Learning the Basics

All the tutors onlinemake use of the internet to deliver lessons. All the sessions are carried out with the help of some tool and real time classes take place.Thus, it is very important that you have an internet connection with good speed. You must also be familiar with the tools that are used so that if there is any technical glitch, you can resolve it as soon as possible without disrupting the session.

Apart from a good internet service provider, another thing that you must invest in is a great microphone set. It is another necessity for an online tutoring job. This will help you improve the sound quality for both yourself as well as the students.


Most people limit themselves to only Skype for online lectures. But, there are other options also available for video conferencing like Google Talk and group chat in Google Hangouts. But, just a video conferencing tool is not enough for tutoring. You also require a whiteboard where you can write down the formulas and draw charts for better understanding of students. If you think that writing and arranging for a whiteboard is difficult for you, then you can make use of tools like Scibblar, Idroo and Talk and Write.

Online tutoring jobs are the best for those people who love to work from home and teach as well depending upon their leisure hours and convenience.