5 Things We All Hate About Sunglasses

Ah, sunglasses. There are times when we love everything about them and other times that we despise them as much as paying taxes. Most blog posts discussing why people should wear sunglasses talk about all the good things. This post won’t go there. No, this post will address things we hate about sunglasses.

Things we hate? Yes. There is nothing in the world that everyone loves 100% of the time. Even sunglasses come with some downers that can be quite annoying. Below are just five of them.

1. There Are so Many Choices

A long time ago and in an alternate reality, buying sunglasses was a piece of cake. You only had a few dozen brands to choose from. There were no high-end boutiques or online sales either. Buying a pair of shades meant going down to the drug store or department store and spinning a display rack until you got dizzy.

Today there are literally hundreds of brands. For example, take a look at Olympic Eyewear. They are a Salt Lake City company that designs and manufactures high-quality fashion sunglasses offered at wholesale. They have two dozen brands just on their own.

2. They Find a Way to Get Lost

Like socks in the dryer, sunglasses have an uncanny knack for getting lost. A lot of people have as much trouble with their sunglasses as they do their car keys. They set the shades down on the table only to discover them missing when they return. It is like the sunglasses grew legs and walked away. Doesn’t that just drive you crazy?

Wouldn’t it be nice if sunglasses came with an alarm to alert you when they are being moved? Better yet, maybe we should have them permanently attached to our faces. There would be no losing them then.

3. They Are Water Magnets

Don’t let anyone tell you that water is not a magnetic surface. It may not be like steel, but we are all fully aware of the fact that sunglasses and water seem to have this magnetic attraction. Go fishing on a sunny day and you are almost guaranteed to drop your shades in the water. The same thing goes at the swimming pool or hot tub. And guess what? There’s water in your coffee. Plan on dropping your shades into your coffee cup on the way to work.

4. Some People Look Good in Every Pair

Another thing we hate about sunglasses is the fact that some people look good in every pair. Take someone like George Clooney or Zac Efron, for example. They can make any pair look good right off the shelf. It’s enough to make you pull your hair out and scream, isn’t it? Nobody would hear you if you did scream because they’re all paying attention to George or Zac.

5. You Can’t Make Any Pair Look Good

The flip side of the Clooney/Efron coin is you. Try as you might, you cannot find a pair of sunglasses you think really makes you look good. Oh, there are some adequate options you’ll ultimately consider, but you’ve come to realize you’re never going to look like a star no matter how much you spend on shades. You’ll be lucky to pull off Snoopy in a pair of cheap wayfarers.

There is a lot to love about sunglasses from both health and fashion standpoints. Hopefully this tongue-in-cheek look at what we hate about them doesn’t dissuade you from keeping a pair on hand. Sunglasses are a must-have whenever you plan to be outdoors for more than a few minutes at a time.