5 Health Advantages Of Sit-Stand Desks

A sit-stand desk is used for working on it, or for reading, or maybe for writing and is made in such a way that its height can be adjusted accordingly, that is whether the user is in a seated position, like a high stool, or is standing up. There are some inbuilt mechanisms with the help of which the desktop can be lowered or raised.

5 Advantages Of A Sit-Stand Desk:

  • Reduces Back Problems: While working for long hours one is able to change his body position by alternating in between the sitting position to being in a standing position. Sitting and working for long hours can lead to many health hazards like back pain, which is a very common problem. Studies show that there is a remarkable decrease in back pain caused due to sitting for prolonged hours.
  • Helps In Weight Loss: It has been noticed that standing for some time, in between sitting, helps to burn calories and thus helps in weight loss too. While there is a dearth of time for regular exercise, standing instead, while working can help one lose the extra calories.
  • Blood Sugar Level Decreased: While one is working from an adjustable desk helps in lowering the blood sugar level. Blood sugar level tends to increase after meals. Therefore it is seen that those who keep standing while at work have a reduced rate of blood sugar level than those who continue sitting after lunch.
  • Good For Heart Health: Standing in between sitting while at work also lowers the chances of heart diseases. Sitting for prolonged hours is a sedentary habit that increases the chances of developing heart diseases manifold. Studies show that time spent while standing does a world of good to your heart.
  • Keeps You Fresh And Bubbly: Sit-stand desks also alleviates one’s mood, boosts energy, and thus helps in increasing productivity at work. These desks have a very positive effect on one’s mental health. Studies show that people who use these adjustable desks are less tired and stressed out than those who work seated.