5 Crucial Facts You Should Know about Borescopes

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Boroscope is an optical device, which consists of a rigid or flexible tube with an eye piece. It is an instrument that is used to inspect the inside structure of a small hole and is available on many reputed portals like Fiberscope.NET. Here are few crucial facts that you should know about this useful tool.

  1. Boroscope is an optical instrument used for inspection work in inaccessible areas that need to be inspected. They can be flexible, rigid or semi-rigid. A rigid boroscope has an objective lens at one end and an eye piece on the other end. Instead of traditional lenses, semi-rigid and flexible borescopes use fiber optics to transmit light and relay images.
  2. Rigid borescopes are cheaper than flexible ones. They come at much cheaper costs. The difference between them lies in the mode of operation. Long optical fibres have flexible model. They are used to check the objects inside something. Rigid borescopes allow viewing objects in straight line. But, these have viewing angle limitations.
  3. Flexible borescopes have bundles of optical fibres that are wound together to transmit an image from the lens to the eye. This gives more flexibility, but the resolution (sharpness of the image measured in pixels) will get damaged during the process. With the increase in the pixel count, the image gets clearer. To get a good image, boroscopes with 10,000 or more pixels should be chosen.
  4. There are many industrial uses of boroscope. Aircraft mechanics use them to prevent costly repairs of fuel components, compressors and internal engine turbines. Auto and diesel engine mechanics inspect internal working parts of engines to make repairing easier. They also find application in the fields of education and medicine where they are used to assess the internal functioning of human or animal body.
  5. Boroscope’s field of view affects the image quality. Fields of view could be narrow, medium, wide or very wide.

These are few important aspects that you should know about borescope and you would certainly have understood that it’s a very important optical tool that is useful for several applications.