3 Keys to a More Organized Life

How organized would you say your life is these days?

For many people, things could be a lot better. In fact, they are bordering on having their lives fall apart right in front of them.

If you’ve been struggling with organizing your life, where should you begin the process to get back on track?

Organization Does Not Have to Be Hard

In trying to better organize your life; here are three keys to focus in on:

  1. How you got here in the first place – The most important thing is to figure out how you got in this mess in the first place. Are you organized because you have too many family responsibilities facing you? Have your work responsibilities gotten the better of you over time? Are you someone who tries too often to help others and thus leave you vulnerable to problems? Get to the bottom of why you’ve become so unorganized over time.
  2. Outside distractions – One of the biggest problems unorganized individuals face is outside distractions. An example of this would be being inundated with unwanted phone calls. Whether sales pitches or someone trying to steal your personal info figure out who is on the other line. One way to go about this is trying a reverse phone search. That search helps you in better determining who is calling. If the calls become a real problem, try and block the number or numbers. If that does not work, you may want to threaten legal action before too long. Whether the distractions come at work or when trying to get stuff done in your daily home life, make them stop. Do you also get distracted by what is going on in your neighborhood? If you work from home, this can be a big problem over time. For example, always wondering what the neighbors are up to? If you see strange people or vehicles in the neighborhood, does it preoccupy you? If so, you may search a specific license plate to get more info on the vehicle and its owner.
  3. Having a plan moving forward – Do you have a plan moving forward to better organize your life? It should include how you can focus on the major priorities needed to get back on track. For instance, do you spend too much time fixated on work issues? Although your job is and should be important to you, don’t live it 24/7. Take some time to get away from the daily grind. If you run your own small business, is it time to bring on some help? You may be trying to do too much in keeping the company afloat. By having an assistant or two, you can better organize the company’s daily needs. Last, look back to where you were a year ago now. If things were better then, how did they slide over this last year? You may be able to pinpoint an issue or issues that you can in fact correct moving forward.

In trying to get back to a more organized approach and limit the stress, are you ready to make the commitment?

If so, organization may only be a stone’s throw away.